Liquis provides infrastructure asset recovery and
Data Center
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Liquis provides infrastructure asset recovery and
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Liquis provides infrastructure asset recovery and
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Liquis provides infrastructure asset recovery and
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Liquis provides infrastructure asset recovery and
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Liquis is a national leader in turnkey facility liquidation and decommissioning services

our Projects

Some of the decommissioning, infrastructure asset
recovery, e-waste recycling, and data destruction
services we recently provided

A large enterprise corporation, who regularly refreshes their PCs, encountered a serious problem after new processes were put in place to protect their data. Liquis was not only able to set-up remotely in the enterprise’s facility and perform the data destruction, but also, concurrently, found buyers for the PCs so that they could immediately ship out of the customer site directly to the buyer.


Post merger, an existing client needed Liquis’ services. Many enterprises acquire or merge with other companies and once the assimilation process is complete, they often have entire facilities that are redundant or unnecessary. Because of our knowledge and skills with regard to a broad range of infrastructure assets, Liquis is uniquely suited to liquidate large quantities of different types of corporate assets.


Fortune 50 company with weekly liquidation needs. Many large companies are constantly refreshing all manner of assets. Prior to Liquis, this global enterprise disposed of and liquidated items on a quarterly basis which required a huge amount of space, time and further depreciation of assets.


After a corporate restructuring, companies often are left with underutilized facilities that need complete liquidation. Liquis has been the choice of many large companies for liquidations in this instance because the company’s range of assets and Liquis’ broad knowledge and skill-base that encompasses many asset types. These corporations found that using one company (Liquis) alleviated 90% of their pain of a facility liquidation.


Turnkey management of removal of all assets associated with datacenter including 40,000 square feet of raised flooring, 90,000 square feet of office furniture, 15,000 lbs of halon 1301, and about 25 truckloads of electrical gear, IT equipment, and recycled scrap metal. Liquis also managed their IT asset recovery, asbestos remediation and removal of generators.

Data Center

A specialty closed-circuit security company was purchased by another security company for its client base, not its hard assets. Because of the potential difficulty in selling such highly specialized CCTV equipment, Liquis spent time and money to train our technicians on the equipment so that their functionality could be tested and some refurbishment performed. Once properly tested and described, the equipment was easily sold for more than the client expected.

Asset Buyout

One high tech client changed their focus from a broad range of products to a narrower range. They wanted to liquidate a large portion of their inventory quickly, but not into markets where they currently had distributors. After analyzing the products, existing channels and potential markets with our client, together we planned a liquidation event to a single overseas customer in a transaction that met all of our client’s needs.


Liquis worked with a printer supplier across 156 locations nationwide to design a process whereby as the new printers were delivered and installed, the old printers were placed in the new printer’s box, a Liquis shipping label was attached, the unused toners were boxed and likewise labeled and all were picked up by our carrier that day. This no-hassle, fast, flexible and reliable business relationship is a hallmark of how we do business at Liquis.


Liquis managed a bankrupt broadband company’s liquidation of high-end, high quality, high volume of servers, PCs, laptops and network gear. Managing the end-to-end process of pickup, inventory, test, market, sell, ship and follow-on, Liquis sold the company’s assets in a timely manner via a transparent public auction for an amount substantially higher than the company was offered in a single buyer-takes-all transaction.


Turnkey management of removal of all assets associated with datacenter including 40,000 square feet of raised flooring, 90,000 square feet of office furniture, 15,000 lbs of halon 1301, and about 25 truckloads of electrical gear, IT equipment, and recycled scrap metal. Liquis also managed their IT asset recovery, asbestos remediation and removal of generators.

Data Center

our Presence

Liquis offers facility decommissioning and liquidation services all over the United States and Canada.

Office Liquidation Information

How Liquis Operates

Because of our robust, standardized processes and our breadth of services, Liquis is the top choice amongst liquidation companies for businesses requiring decommissioning services, asset disposition, value recovery, and recycling services.

Liquis quickly and effectively liquidates underutilized or obsolete infrastructure assets via purchases, services, auctions, recycling and more.

A company’s assets contain value in the form of data, dollars and time. Liquis protects your data, returns value for assets, and frees time better spent on core competencies. We believe in building long-term business relationships by providing exemplary and timely services.


Liquis, founded in 2002, is one of the largest facility decommissioning services companies in the U.S.

Over 300 customers leverage Liquis’ services at single and/or multiple locations worldwide, small or large scale. We tailor each contract to best suit each customers’ needs. Our contracts range from decommissioning assets from one small office, to multi-facility, phased, large scale decommissions planned months in advance. 

Our office liquidation staff is professional and courteous, while making sure all parties agree upon the project beforehand. We stand by our price quotes and estimates, and are on time on both project start and end dates.

Data Center Decommissioning

Data center decommissioning is a much needed service for companies who are faced with a data center closure, facility shutdown or relocation, or offices and data centers who need specialized liquidation companies to manage all the assets and assist in removal of data center equipment such as hardware, office furniture, generators, server racks, hard drives and more. Liquis is an experienced decommissioning and liquidation company offering white glove services to ensure successful data center shutdowns and safe, well-audited data destruction.

For corporate data centers and organizations who are facing a facility shutdown, relocation or for those who need the assistance of specialists for liquidating assets, data center decommissioning is your holy grail. With over a decade of experience in the building shutdown process and asset inventory management, Liquis has a cost effective implementation plan to decommission a data center efficiently – from start to finish. From understanding the needs and goals of clients before undertaking a project to taking apart servers and racks without crushing any wires or causing any damage, Liquis will get your data center shut down right.

Our Data Center Decommissioning Project Process

Our decommissioning project process starts with meeting with clients to assess their needs and decide on the best course of action for shutting down their facility and data center equipment such as internal cooling units . Our team takes a look at their assets, number of servers, cabinets and other hardware components as well as any special items that need to be removed from the site.

Once we have an idea of what we need to collect from the employer, we will schedule an on-site visit with them to see what equipment and technology is still in use and gather data in tracking sheets in order to implement a comprehensive removal plan.

We will brief all temporary personnel on our safety procedure in a detailed statement covering a wide range of topics from data security, proper e-waste recycling and the pertinent local regulations to ensure compliance with all interested agencies.

Our data center decommissioning checklist includes the entire hardware decommission strategy from the control panels of server racks to the cooling systems and emergency generator. All of which can be designated for internal reuse, or liquidated.

Asset management is a critical step in data center decommissioning projects because the process begins with planning ahead of time. Clients have to understand exactly what needs to be removed from or repaired on their site and the specialized knowledge our team has ensures that correct assets are handled properly during shutdowns.

Live Decommissioning Projects

Once we have established what inventory need to be removed, we will send in a team of specialists who will work together as a cohesive unit to properly decommission these items. They will do this by carefully dismantling these assets one by one so that they are not damaged, and removing them from the site using forklifts and other industry-approved methods. The entire process takes several hours if done correctly.

After confirming that all hardware has been removed from use (or otherwise rendered unusable), our team will begin decommissioning right away at the location. We have expertise in data destruction and responsible recycling of toxic materials and hazardous materials using a checklist to complete tasks in an efficient and timely manner.

Liquidation of office furniture cannot be overlooked due to the extremely high resale value of most assets. If a company is to dispose of office furniture, our team will help them understand the best way to sell their furniture in order to maximize revenue. Through the use of free live online appraisal tools, we can help make pricing decisions by knowing the exact resale value of items before sending in a specialist who can physically handle the items and provide an expert opinion.

Our team is experts at removing computer equipment from the environment without causing damage and without damaging wires or other electronic components. We have years of experience at handling different equipment on every level and our specialists are trained to safely handle any issues that may arise during removal.

Data Center Decommissioning Checklist

  • Decide whether decommissioning is right for your company

It’s important to start with a cost benefit analysis and physical review of the data centers in order to plan for the expected outcomes for all team members.

  • Alert key staff and anyone else involved in the company, such as stakeholders

Engage in a meeting with the company’s decision makers to discuss the project and to determine the proper course of action for taking down data centers. This will include a discussion on the CB analysis and should be presented to key stakeholders as well, who will need time to reach decisions.

  • Know what equipment needs to be removed

With help from our specialist, identify what hardware needs to be removed and arrange for proper disposal method. Once assets are removed, the data center will be decommissioned – this process can take several hours because of its complexity.

  • Properly remove assets without damaging them

Strip copper and fiber optic wire for the data center to be decommissioned – remove all other wires as well. We provide a detailed plan for asset removal to ensure that this process takes place effectively without causing damage, and without damaging computer equipment or wiring.

  • Create or hire a team to manage the decommissioning process

Hiring experts like Liquis is critical to making sure the data center shutdown is as effective as possible. Our team’s decommissioning services will help our clients create a well-planned plan for taking down the facility and all of their hardware, and will also be close by to assist with asset decommissioning.

  • Make a comprehensive inventory and asset tracking system

The inventory of each room, server, cabinet, cooling system, configuration data, associated systems and other hardware component must be determined. This will provide a thorough list of what items need to be removed and will be used to create a complete inventory of all equipment.

  • Identify items to be recycled, liquidated, returned and disposed of

Once the entire array of server racks is dismantled and removed from the site, the physical audit of all hardware items will be used to determine which items need to be recycled, returned or sent to a landfill.

  • Monitor the decommissioning process and take all necessary steps to remove any problems

Our team will work closely with all stakeholders to make sure that the data center shutdown is handled correctly. We will oversee the whole process of asset removal and will be available to handle any problems which may arise.

It is in our company’s interest to see that you have a successful shutdown, whether we are working with the client or liquidating their assets. Our extensive experience and knowledge of data center decommissioning ensures that this will happen correctly and within budget. Call us today and schedule a consultation.

Assets To Be Considered

  • Standby and backup generators (generator removal)
  • Emergency power systems
  • Security systems
  • Server racks
  • Cabinets/bays
  • Cage work/enclosures
  • Rails and carts
  • Cubicles, desks, chairs and other office furniture
  • Wiring and networking cables
  • Packing materials

Coordinating with facility management and IT support staff, as well as meticulously monitoring the process and timeline of the data center decommissioning project is critical to asset disposition and various valuable inventory items such as emergency power systems and generators, external chillers, auxiliary equipment and other hardware assets.

Data Center Decommissioning & Asset Disposition Services

We at Liquis take great pride in making sure your needs are met, and in doing so, we have built a solid reputation as an expert data center decommissioning company. Our experience and knowledge of the process allows us to effectively handle removing assets, tracking them down and coordinating with other staff at your facility or offices. We are here to provide you with the best possible services and ensure that your decommission needs are met.

Our company has developed a reputation for ensuring the success of each client’s data center shutdown. Choose data destruction experts with a defined skill set who will take care of your decommissioning project, asset recovery, data security, vendor maintenance contracts, software discovery audit, physical and virtual IT, data center infrastructure, and configuration management database needs.

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