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Liquis buys Metal and E-Waste Scrap

Liquis buys and removes metal scrap and e-waste recycling from all over the world. We contract to remove the scrap from your site, or just pick it up if it is ready for removal.

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  • Metal Scrap / E-Waste Recycling:

    recycle Aluminum
    recycle CPU (mixed)
    recycle Memory
    recycle Power Supplies
    recycle Stainless Steel
    recycle Docking Stations
    recycle Cables
    recycle Cat5 Cable
    recycle Hard Drives
    recycle Plastics
    recycle Power Adapters
    recycle Cardboard
    recycle Shrink Wrap
    recycle Copper
    recycle Copper Wire Spools
    recycle Copper Used Wire
    recycle Batteries Lead-Acid
    recycle Batteries Lith-ion (Laptop)
    recycle Breakage High Grade
    recycle Cell phones
    recycle PC Fans
    recycle PC Hard Drives
    recycle IDE/Ribbon Cable
    recycle Keyboards
    recycle Laptop and Notebook
    recycle Broken LCD Monitors
    recycle Non Broken LCD Monitors
    recycle Mixed Wire
    recycle CRT Monitors
    recycle PC motherboard w/ gold fingers
    recycle Power Cords
    recycle Power supplies
    recycle Printers
    recycle PC Processors
    recycle PC RAM
    recycle PC Speakers
    recycle Telephones
    recycle Transformers
    recycle Heavy Green Board
    recycle Mice
    recycle Media
    recycle Capacitors
    recycle Motherboard
    recycle Mixed Metal
    recycle Fax Machines
    recycle Copiers

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