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We Buy Halon - Reclamation and Recycling

  • Liquis has the manpower and expertise to safely remove your fire suppression gas from your data center and building. We can respond quickly and provide professional reporting as well as a positive finanicial return.
  • Liquis contracts with companies all over the world to remove, liquidate, remarket and recycle their infrastructure assets: Fire Suppression Equipment, (including Halon and FM200 gases) as well as everything in the Data center environment: A/C units, PDUs, and also including Computers, Laptops, Network Equipment, Telecommunication Equipment, Office Furniture, etc.
  • We are interested in buying or helping you liquidating the following halons:
    * Halon 10001 (iodomethane)
    * Halon 1001 (bromomethane)
    * Halon 1011 (bromochloromethane, CH2BrCl)
    * Halon 104 (carbon tetrachloride)
    * Halon 1103 (tribromofluoromethane)
    * Halon 112 (dichlorofluoromethane)
    * Halon 1201 (bromodifluoromethane)
    * Halon 1202 (dibromodifluoromethane)
    * Halon 1211 (bromochlorodifluoromethane, CF2ClBr)
    * Halon 122 (dichlorodifluoromethane)
    * Halon 1301 (bromotrifluoromethane, CBrF3)
    * Halon 14 (tetrafluoromethane)
    * Halon 242 (1,2-dichlorotetrafluoroethane)
    * Halon 2402 (Dibromotetrafluoroethane)
    * Halon 2600 (hexafluoroethane)
      • Name:
        Email Address:
        Office Phone:
        Cell Phone:
          • GAS DETAILS

              • Total Gas Weight (not including container):
                Gas Type:
                Container Type/Size:
                  • Other surplus items available
                    AC Units
                    Raised Flooring
                    UPS and/or Batteries
                    Wire Scrap
                    Telecom Equipment
                    Server Racks
                      • LOGISTICS
                          • Building Floor that Containers are Located on:
                            Removal Date or Timeframe:
                              • Elevator Details
                                Pickup is on 1st floor
                                Passenger only
                                Stairs only
                                  • Loading Dock Details
                                    Standard 4-foot high loading dock.
                                    Ground level loading area with access to truck parking.
                                    Office lobby or hallway access only. No close truck parking.
                                      • Location of Tanks/Containers
                                        Central area - in or next to loading area.
                                        Central area - away from loading area.
                                        Spread out all over building.
                                          • Labor Expected for Removal
                                            Our tanks are already palletized and prepared for shipping. Send a truck and we will load.
                                            Send pallets and packing material - my company will prepare for shipping and load truck.
                                            Please send labor to prepare equipment for shipping and load truck.
                                            I'm not sure about our labor requirements - please contact me to discuss.
  • Liquis customer service
  • If you would rather speak to us immediately, please call (800) 437-9703 x101. We look forward to working with you.