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Data Center Decommission and Shutdown Services for Businesses Nationwide

data center decommissioningDecommissioning, consolidating or moving one or many company-owned data centers is a daunting task. Within most companies there are overlapping areas of responsibilities concerning the many assets involved. Liquis works with your company to satisfy all the stakeholders involved quickly and efficiently while minimizing expenses. Liquis uses the same dedication & care that went into creating your data center to return it to its original condition.


We can manage all parts of your data center decommission, including:


Chicago Data Center Decommissioning Servers, server racks, network gear, PC and monitor disconnect and removal
New York Data Center Shut Down A/C Unit decommissioning and removal - including remotely located condensers & piping
San Francisco Data Center Decommissioning Raised flooring removal
Oakland Data Center Decommissioning Industrial battery back-up / UPS / PDU gear disconnect and removal
UPS battery recycling and UPS battery disposal
Boston Data Center Shut Down Generator and electrical switchgear disconnect, rigging, and removal
Detroit Data Center Decommissioning Chillers, towers, boilers, and packaged HVAC units - disconnection, rigging, and removal
Philadelphia Data Center Shut Down Fire suppression system and halon gas decommissioning and removal
Cherry Hill Data Center Decommissioning Recycling and disposal of CAT5, network, PBX, and fiber cables
Minneapolis Data Center Shut Down NOC office furniture removal

Liquis has the experience, breadth of knowledge and reach to make your next data center transition easier.


To learn more about data center shutdown management services or our full, turn-key facility shutdown services for Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, and other cities anywhere in the nation, contact Liquis today. If you already have a list of equipment and want to contact Liquis about removing the items, fill out this data center removal form. You can also ask about our IT asset recovery services and data destruction services, as well as how they help your business.

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